Moving Men

Moving Men

Moving Men is a trio including Jean-Hugues Miredin, Charlie Morrissey and Adrian Russi.

They have been coming together since 2007 to research, teach and perform dance and improvisation.

They work from a mutual interest in improvisation and their research is very much a physical exploration of three people moving and composing together in space.

They have performed together in Freiburg, Rome, Bern, Warwick, Brighton, Rotterdam and Moscow.

Although they come from different movement backgrounds, all share an interest in Contact Improvisation. Their movement exploration deals very much with developing new vocabularies using Contact Improvisation as a reference and starting point. The language they are exploring is very much about expanding the physical potential of the trio form – the practical and technical aspects as well as understanding more about the less palpable aspects of communication between three people as they move together in real time.

Integral to this is their teaching practice together, which enables them to clarify and define more clearly aspects of their movement practice through passing it on to others and seeing how it develops through that dissemination. That information is then fed back into their practice so that the movement is constantly deepening pushing at its own boundaries.

The trio are also in a constant process of exploring the relationship between them as dancers, attempting to understand more and more about how they are composing in what can be the rather indefinable process of improvisation. They are exploring an extremely complex and sophisticated communication system – something in which the body and all it’s means of perception, and the mind and all of it’s intelligence are involved. A process of deciphering signals and turning bringing perception, thought and action together in the moment.


Watch excerpts from a performance at Dampfzentralle in Berne, here