Instructions For Use

Instructions For Use


Curated by Charlie Morrissey for Movement 12.

This will be the final month in Movement 12’s programme of artist curated events this year.

I’ve put together a collection of workshops, performances, and events through which to explore and expose elements of the performance making process.

I started with a number of questions:

Why do we make performance? How do we make it? Where do we start?

When is what we are making finished and how do we know?

What are we composing with? And what are our strategies for approaching the

activity of composition?

I’ve called this Instructions For Use because I wanted to take a practical look at the process of making – to look at it as something which is done, and must in the end, be a practical pursuit: one worth sharing.

How do different artists approach the process of composition?

What are they busy with in that process? What do they actually do?

And how do those things lead them to the final work?

This series of events allows the concerns of dance artists to be exposed to, examined and challenged by, and shared with other artists, participants and audiences.

Instructions For Use is a lively and practical inquiry into how different artists deal with the processes, problems and questions of composition within their work.

I’m delighted to be joined in this programme by a number of artists who I very much admire, including: Simon Ellis, Antonia Grove, Rachel Krische, Lauren Potter, Matthias Sperling, Rahel Vonmoos and Marisa Zanotti.

I invite artists from all fields, dance makers, audiences and anyone interested in making anything, to join us in this stimulating, intriguing, and illuminating programme.

Charlie Morrissey. August 2011