1. Charlie Morrissey

        • What Happens When


          A piece commissioned by Joint Adventures. The work was devised and performed by Charlie Morrissey and Andrea Buckley music composed by Orlando Gough and played by members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. The music was based on a work by Prokoviev originally created for a ballet called Trapéze by the choreographer Boris Romanov.

          The piece was constructed from fragments of mismatched information and the music is c from extracts of an original work. The performers are each attempting to find and create a work which may never have existed in the first place. The final work was assembled from existing and as yet un-made pieces, from clues collected together, sifted through and re-arranged to create something new . The performance was a collaboration between the past and the present. The piece was performed at Carl-Orff Saal in Munich on November 12th 2016.