Wainsgate Dances

Wainsgate Dances

Wainsgate Dances is an international programme of workshops, residencies, performances and other events curated and organised by Charlie Morrissey and Rob Hopper based at Wainsgate Chapel just outside Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire.

It’s a place where artists come together to explore and question what dance can do, and an experiment in finding new models of resourceful and sustainable artist-led development and production.

For 2019, Charlie received funding from Arts Council England to support the programme.

There are 10 residencies with artists including: Roberta Jean, Samir Kennedy, Hannah Buckley, Seke Chimutengwende, Hannah Sullivan, Lucy Suggate,  Mark Bleakley, Claricia Kruithoff, Anushiye Yarnell, Gillie Kleiman, Janina Rajakangas, Neil Callaghan

There will be 9 workshops with artists including Katie Duck, Karen NelsonGaby Agiss, K.J. Holmes Thomas Goodwin, Wendy Houstoun, Charlie Morrissey and Katye Coe, Ben Wright; Seke Chimutengwende.

As part of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival Wainsgate Dances will hosted a weekend of performances from artists including Jonathan Burrows, Katye Coe, Francesca and Matteo Fargion, Wendy Houstoun and Charlie Morrissey. 

Other news…

Katy Hewison has been at Wainsgate together with a group of dance artists working with children from Old Town Primary School as part of her Improplay  project

Theo Clinkard spent some time at Wainsgate developing a new work The Century Project with dancers including Steph McMann, Samir Kennedy, Connor Scott, Lauren Potter, Leah Marojevic, Bun Kobayashi.

More details can be found on the Wainsgate Dances Facebook page.

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For information and to book for workshops, contact Rob Hopper at robhopper@aol.co.uk

Here’s a little snapshot from 2018