Movement 12

Movement 12

new_titlepageMovement 12 was a group of dance artists who curated a 3 year international programme of workshops, classes, screenings, performances, laboratories, discussions, talks and other events that were designed to interrogate, develop, explore and expand the field of movement and performance.

Events took places in venues all over Brighton including The Nightingale Theatre, University of Brighton, The Basement, The Dome Studio Theatre, and many other spaces including artists homes.

The group was made up of artists including: Liz Aggis, CiCi Blumstein, Lindsey Butcher, Becky Edmunds, Virginia Farman, Miriam King, Charlie Morrissey, Scott Smith and Ben Wright.

Movement 12 curated events with artists including:

Steve Paxton, Jonathan Burrows, Kirstie Simson, Wendy Houstoun, Babette Mangolt, Charles Linehan, Rahel Vonmoos, Ben Wright, Probe Project, Ben Ash, Gill Clarke, Siobhan Davies, Rose English, Henry Montes, John Stirk, Christian Burns, Sasha Rubicek, Fin Walker, Matthias Sperling; Rachel Krische; Detta Howe; Theo Clinkard; Catherine Bennet; Lauren Potter; Antonia Grove; Lisa Nelson; Simon Ellis; Jeremy Nelson; Delphine Gaborit; Gaby Agis; Andrea Buckley; Henrietta Hale; Atsushi Takenouchi; Hiroko Komiya; Claude Coldy; Augusto Corrieri; Becky Edmunds; Lila Dance and others.

Movement 12 published transcripts of events including an evening with Steve Paxton, in Dance Theatre Journal.