1. Charlie Morrissey

        • I am a Robot

          I am a Robot

          This is a new solo in development as part of Volumes Project in  MIRRORCITY at the Hayward Gallery, South Bank, London
          14th October 2014 – 4th January 2015
          Charlie will be performing between 12pm and 6pm on: 19th, 22nd, 27th, 29th October; 6th. 15th, 17th, 24th November & 8th, 11th, 17th, 20th, 31st December.
          The future is now, and we are already in it. For this work, which is part of his How to Build a Human project, Charlie Morrissey proposes that he is a robot, and as such, will inhabit the spaces of the gallery at different times over the duration of the exhibition. The piece, which will develop over the course of the exhibition, is a means to propose, notice and examine interrelationships between mind and body, between thinking, doing and being. Charlie will learn to re-inhabit his robot body.