1. Charlie Morrissey

        • Body of Truth

          Body of Truth. Image from video by Becky EdmundsThis project was set up with Charlie Morrissey K.J.Holmes, Scott Smith, Christoph Lechner, Henry Montes and Kate Brown.

          We set out do see what would happen if we just went into a studio with no instructions or structure and just worked together – we’ve managed to come together on a few occassions for intensive periods of one or two weeks in London and in Brighton.

          The first time we met, someone would lead a warm – up in the morning which would lead into open improvising. At lunch we would eat and talk about what had happened, or things we were interested in and then in the afternoon, we would go back into the studio and just allow whatever happened to happen.

          We met over a 3 year period exploring a collective interest in improvisation, and relying on a collective experience. The individuals involved had a huge amount of experience between them, and this resarch project was a consistently rich mine of performative information.