Workshop in Saint-Agrève in France in August

Workshop in Saint-Agrève in France in August

25/08/14 - 30/08/14
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Instructions For Survival photo: Matthew AndrewsThis is a week-long workshop in Contact Improvisation and ensemble performance in Saint-Agrève

The workshop takes place in beautiful French countryside. 25th-30th August.

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Bodies in Space

Charlie Morrissey This workshop explores way in which to look at how space invites movement – both within the body, and in our relationship to time and space.

We will look at how we use gravity, weight and momentum as tools for movement; and at how much it is possible to be at rest in our moving body. The work questions how much effort is needed to move, and how much the instructions for movement might be found within the body and the environment that we are moving in through cultivating and tuning our listening and perceptual awareness in our bodies.

Charlie’s workshops include a variety of explorations of movement and attention. They develop and tune kinesthetic and perceptual awareness to enable more choice and possibility as we move, and they activate and encourage deep listening in the body. The work taps into the dancers natural ability to track their full physicality as it moves.

Charlie provides exercises and structures in the studio that offer an open ground for exploration and integration. Partner work and exercises devised from contact improvisation are used to facilitate multi directional awareness through a physical understanding of gravity and weight in motion. These qualities cultivate alert, articulate and embodied dancing that can be applied to working solo or with others.

Ensemble Improvisation in performance In this workshop we will explore a variety of approaches to, and scores for moving and composing in real time; both individually, and as a group. The work is about seeing and being seen, and about listening and being heard in the body. We will explore ways in which we can compose together, working with the body; space and time as our materials. The workshop will lead to a public performance in a theatre at the end of the week, and will be shown alongside a solo by Charlie Morrissey and a duet Where we are not by Katye Coe and Charlie Morrissey

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