Workshop at South Hill Park

Workshop at South Hill Park

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Charlie is leading a workshop organised by Nocturn Dance at South Hill Park Arts Centre on Saturday 21st December.. Come and earn your Christmas pudding!

Instructions For Survival photo: Matthew Andrews Mass and Orbit

Commitment and Adventure in Contact Improvisation

This workshop explores internal and external experiences of Contact Improvisation.

Working on our own, and with a partner and partners, we will explore ways in which we can tune ourselves to a relaxed, alert and fluid approach to the static and moving environments we encounter in contact.

Gravity and weight, energy and momentum will be explored via different pathways into and out of the floor and up into space, on our own and with others, to facilitate lively, responsive, fluid and integrated movement.

We will look at how we can commit the mass of our bodies to space, and remain open to the different choices that are on offer to us, to enable a fuller participation in the moment to moment dialogue with our partners.

Anatomical imagery and work with the senses will provide material to facilitates a deeper relationship with the internal and external movement that drives and supports our motion through space and informs our ability to participate more fully in satisfying and surprising contact dancing.

A sense of play and the agile participation that that implies, will be encouraged to invite enthusiasm, commitment and a sense of adventure in the process of discovery that we embark upon in the workshop environment.

Mass and orbit refers to the relationship between bodies in space: to the physical forces (gravity, momentum, centrifugal, centripetal, resistance, gravity, acceleration, inertia, velocity, energy, weight, impulse and son on) acting upon and affecting the movement of those bodies in relation to themselves and each other.

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