1. Charlie Morrissey

    1. Wainsgate Chapel Movement Workshops

      02/01/18 - 30/12/18
      00:00 - 00:00

      Workshops in 2018 with Charlie, Thomas Goodwin, Karen Nelson, Caroline Scott, Kirstie Simson, Ben McEwen and others
      Charlie is currently working with Rob Hopper and the Wainsgate Chapel to organise a series of movement workshops and events in the old Sunday School space. K.J.Holmes from New York kicked off the programme of workshops in December and Thomas Goodwin led his one day North Star workshop in March; Karen Nelson from Seattle led a 3 day workshop in April; Kirstie Simson  will lead her Moving Bodies | Empty Spaces workshop from 2nd-4th July. Ben McEwen will lead a workshop playing with Flying Low and Passing Through techniques 25th and 26th August; Seke Chimutengwende will lead a workshop on the 22nd and 23rd September; Charlie also worked with Lisa Nelson and a group of dance artists from around the world in February exploring Nelson’s Tuning Scores. In March, Charlie spent two weeks researching the first stage of a new performance project with Ben Ash, Neil Callaghan, Katye Coe, Thomas Goodwin and Susanna Recchia – If this is it then what are we going to do with it?. More events will be announced soon. For information on workshops email Rob Hopper at robdothopper@aol.co.uk

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