Room To Move – Workshop in Budapest

Room To Move – Workshop in Budapest

23/03/12 - 25/03/12
00:00 - 00:00
SÍN Cultural Center

Room To Move – a workshop in Budapest – details to follow soon

This workshop continues a fascination with looking at how our bodies are in a constant interaction with space both internally and externally.

The exercises in the workshop work with the breath as a base for expansive and integrated movement.

We will look at what happens when we bring our attention to our breath and allow it more room to inform and support our dancing.

The workshop is about listening with the body, about notions of allowing the mind to rest in the body and observing how movement arises from the body.

There will be technical exercises to offer us practical support for our movement, guided exploration, and a lot of dancing.

We will look at how we can stimulate our appetite for movement and take a ride on the momentum that our appetite provides.

We will work in and out of contact – exploring elements of Contact Improvisation and re-inventing it.

I think of Contact Improvisation as a dance of listening, and it’s training to be about tuning ourselves to hear more: the sharper our listening. The more we can hear: the more we can respond to and the more choices we have in our dancing. This can be applied to our solo movement and our relationship to space, as well as to our partner work and our relationship to other bodies.

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