Professional daily class at Independent Dance

Professional daily class at Independent Dance

02/03/15 - 06/03/15
10:00 - 12:00

tableofcontentsCharlie will lead a week of morning classes for Independent Dance at Siobhan Davies Dance Studios.




Charlie’s classes and workshops are practical explorations of movement and attention. They attempt to develop and tune kinesthetic and perceptual awareness as a means of expanding our experience and grasp of what is available to us when we move. The classes are about listening in the body and applying that listening to the activity of moving.


Partner work and exercises devised from contact improvisation are used as a means of expanding multi-dimensional awareness, and to explore ideas and qualities that cultivate alert, articulate and embodied dancing in space – considering both space and the ground as part of the moving experience.


The classes tap into the dancers inherent kinesthetic awareness, and provide structures that offer the dancers own physical intelligence and range an open ground for exploration and integration. The class is a forum for a shared learning experience between participants and teacher.


Charlie’s teaching is informed by long term working relationships with Steve Paxton and Lisa Nelson amongst others, by his own ongoing practice in the field of movement and performance, and by his ongoing interest in evolution, anatomy, and neurological and consciousness studies.

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