Mind, Mass and Motion Workshop Padua

Mind, Mass and Motion Workshop Padua

01/10/21 - 03/10/21
00:00 - 00:00
Arts Millenium Building

Instructions For Survival3 Day Workshop at Nest


October 1st-3rd

Thinking action, seeing and being seen.

This workshop will play with ongoing interests I have in how perception, imagination, physiology, physics and our environment are in a constant interplay in human movement. We will work with images and exercises that shift the ways in which we experience movement as both mover and observer.

The work will introduce elements of Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine; Lisa Nelson’s preparations for Tuning Scores; Contact Improvisation, and my own current and collaborative researches into movement, performance and mind/body relationships.

The workshop will be a combination of practical exercises and improvisational scores. Working individually, with a partner or partners, and as a group we will build a shared body of information as we go along so that we can cultivate an easy interplay between each other and the space that we work in. The work fosters a readiness and availability in the body to the different layers of possibility that arise as we move. Deep listening is encouraged as a means of tapping into what’s there – in our bodies, in the environment and in our interactions with others.
We use the information we discover as a resource for our dancing and play with this as we engage in the moment-to-moment composition that is produced by the movement of our attention.

We will practice seeing and being seen and question what we mean by material, action and performance.
This workshop is a place for curiosity, inquiry and discovery, and you are invited to come along and participate in widening the field.Thinking action, seeing and being seen.


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