Decoda – Moved

Decoda – Moved

10/09/12 - 14/09/12
10:00 - 18:00

A week of morning classes and research afternoons

10 – 14 September 2012

A week of extended morning practice led by Charlie Morrissey 
10.00 – 12.30 (studio open from 9.30 for warm up)

These mornings continue a fascination with looking at how our bodies are in a constant interaction with space both internally and externally. We will look at what happens when we bring attention to space and to the breath and allow them to more fully inform and support our dancing. The workshop is about listening in action as a physical activity; about allowing the mind to fully live in the body and about observing how movement arises from the body.

There will be technical exercises to offer us specific practical support for our movement, guided explorations, and lots of dancing. We will look at how we can stimulate our appetite for movement and take a ride on the momentum that our appetites generate. We will work in and out of contact with other people.

For me, dancing is about simultaneous listening and action, and it’s training is about tuning ourselves to hear more: the sharper our listening, the more we can hear, and the more choices become available to us. This can be applied to our solo movement and our relationship to space, as well as to moving in relationship to others.

The morning practice series costs £60 (employed) £55 (self employed or part time) £50 (unwaged)
If you can only make some of the mornings the cost is £15.00 per morning.

And it goes like this…
14.00 – 18.00 research led afternoons
A week of guided ensemble and solo movement exploration exploring the physical dialogue between perception and the imagination, and it’s applications to composition.

These afternoon research sessions with Charlie are offered as part of the extension of our Making Space programme, offering space and time to the lead artists to question and receive dancing feedback about their practice. If you are an experienced dance artist and would like to join the afternoons as well please include a short statement that speaks to this.

The afternoons cost £80/ £70/ £60 and are only offered as a series.
Please book by contacting


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