If this is it, what are we going to do with it?

If this is it, what are we going to do with it?

01/02/18 - 24/03/18
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Charlie was recently awarded Arts Council England funds towards the first phase of a performance project with Ben Ash, Neil Callaghan, Katye Coe, Thomas Goodwin and Susanna Rechia.  For 2 weeks in March this year, Charlie will be developing ideas and materials at the Wainsgate Chapel in Hebden Bridge with a very special ensemble of dance artists including Ben Ash, Katye Coe, Susanna Recchia, Neil Callaghan and Thomas Goodwin.

The research questions how we succeed and fail in the action of constructing and becoming ourselves in the world – it employs practices that reveal how our imaginations open up possibilities that we can’t always find ways to fulfil or sustain.

Together the group will compose tasks and scores that deal with how bodies fail us and we fail bodies. It asks how we find hope and defy despair in volatile times, equipped  only with the bodies we have; sometimes  alone and sometimes together with others.

By attempting to do a series of possible and impossible things, we hope to uncover work that reveals something of the nature of hope and futility: about what trying means and what failure really looks like.

The project is referring to shape – shifting and to attempts to listen to things at the very edge of our hearing, and to make manifest things that we can’t be certain of. And it won’t be ashamed.

Rehearsals will take place at the Wainsgate Chapel in Hebden Bridge. There will be an accompanying workshop led by Charlie and public work-in-progress showings in Yorkshire and London as part of the research. More details will follow.

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