What’s not there

What’s not there

07/01/20 - 19/12/20
00:00 - 00:00

What’s Not There

A solo

This performance plays with what we see and what we don’t see. Its words, actions and images present a story of overlapping events in spaces both real and imagined. It builds and unbuilds a world all of it’s own along the way.

The performance  brings  together elements from a number of  previous works by Morrissey. Fragments are placed, replaced, displaced and recontexualised,  bumping up against each other in a performance about perception, memory and  the construction of reality.

This work is concerned with the role of the imagination in interactive constructions of reality. It is a reconstruction of events that may or may not have happened, and at the same time becomes an act of construction in itself. Something is built between the projections of the audience, what’s past, what’s present, and in the space between the spoken/written word and movement. This piece asks questions about what is real and what is fabricated. It places the body/mind of the performer in an act of memory and invention, simultaneously dealing with what is and what is not there.

Performed at Wainsgate Chapel in Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and at Schwere Reiter for Tanzwerkstatt Europa in Munich.

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