On off

On off

06/11/15 - 08/01/17
00:00 - 00:00

on1ON off

Devised and performed in by Charlie Morrissey and developed in association with The Nightingale Theatre and with support from Basement Arts South East.

Performed in the UK, Ireland, Estonia, USA, and most recently (August 2015) in Munich at Tanzwerkstatt Europa more performances coming up – details soon.


On off is a performance that came from a desire to simplify things.

It is composed from basic measures of light and dark, a performer, and a box of things to accompany the performer in an otherwise solitary process.

One thing always leads to another; time passes; nothing can be deleted and nothing is ever the same again.

The performance occupies a space somewhere between theatre and dance.

“ I wanted to make something simple; on my own, with no collaborators and with no outside funding.

I had been working for a long time in groups and just wanted to see what I would do if left to my own devices, with no other collaborators where the process didn’t begin either in response to a commissioner or by writing an arts council application.”


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