1. Charlie Morrissey

        • ON off

          A solo performance. A live animation. Created with a box of objects from around the house.
        • This thing that we do

          An ongoing performance collaboration with Katye Coe with performances in the UK and Europe
        • Material/Rearranged/To/Be

          A performance installation with Siobhan Davies Dance
        • What Happens When

          A performance commissioned by Joint Adventures with members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra
        • Table of Contents - Siobhan Davies Dance

          A performance collaboration for gallery spaces with Siobhan Davies Dance
        • I am a Robot

          A solo performance created for Volumes Project as part of Mirror City at the Hayward Gallery
        • Plans of the Tenth Floor

          A mobile performance installation in collaboration with film maker Marisa Zanotti
        • The Tree of Light

          Charlie Morrissey is the artistic director of The Tree of Light... A major new large-scale outdoor performance as part of the Cultural Olympiad with 1,000 performers.
        • Movement 12

        • And the way it works is this...

          A solo based on the work of Etienne- Jules Maray, commissioned by Siobhan Davies and Bob Lokyer.
        • Moving Men

          Moving Men is a trio including Jean-Hugues Miredin, Charlie Morrissey and Adrian Russi. They have been coming together since 1997 to research, teach and perform dance and improvisation, and together have taught and performed across Europe.
        • Instructions For Use

          A month-long programme of dance and performance related events with artists including Siobhan Davies, Simon Ellis, Lauren Potter, Rahel Vonmoos, Antonia Grove, Marisa Zanotti, Matthias Sperling and Charlie Morrissey
        • Tuning Scores

          Lisa Nelson's Tuning Scores - an ongoing performance and research project since 1998
        • Duet for the Small Hours

          Three duets taking place through the streets as part of White Night in Brighton
        • Deep Time

          A series of three site-specific performances commissioned by PVA Medialab and the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site.
        • Every Contact Leaves a Trace

          A residency at Fabrica in Brighton as part of the exhibition Every Contact Leaves a Trace
        • Where the Land Meets the Sea

          A performance for 100 people created on the beach and in the sea as part of Big Dance 2006
        • The Palm House

          A site-specific performance created in and around a disused glass house.
        • Body of Truth

          A group including Kate Brown, K.J.Holmes, Christoph Lechner, Scott Smith, Henry Montes and Charlie Morrissey. Researching improvisation.
        • Divers

          A participatory sie-specific performance which took place on, in and under the water at Brighton Marina.
        • Direct Interactions with Moving Spaces

          A research and performance project with dancers including Lindsey Butcher, Charlie Morrissey, Scott Smith and Fin Walker. Performed within an installation created by Rob Hopper.
        • A Tacit Assembly

          A piece co-directed with Becky Edmunds, and created in China with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company.
        • Line

          A performance created in collaboration with sound artist Brian Duffy and video artist/lighting designer John Varah.
        • Absolute Zero

          A performance piece created within an installation of water, wood and ice created by Walter Bailey with a sound score by Kaffe Matthews.
        • Flood

          A participatory performance created on and in the water at Hove Lagoon.
        • The Smallest Room

          A performance created for the Corn Exchange in Brighton in which the giant ballroom was transformed into an enormous re-imagined bathroom.
        • PinStripe Kneedeep

          A site-specific performance created with Becky Edmunds on the beach and in the sea in Brighton.
        • Real Life Moment

          A performance created in collaboration with composer and performer Barnaby O'Rorke