Crime and Casualty

Crime and Casualty


Crime and Casualty

A Performance with Katie Duck,  and Charlie Morrissey

At Bimhuis, Amsterdam on 1st December

More information to follow

Crime and Casualty is a performance which is created as it happens by Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi: two virtuosic improvisers performing here in the UK from Amsterdam, and joined for this performance by Brighton based Charlie Morrissey. The theme: Crime and Casualty was conceived by Katie Duck, and is an ironic comment on the criminal behaviour that today allows for rank mercantile opportunism, and the damage that results. Katie Duck’s acclaimed performances are highly charged performance adventures in which anything might happen. American born dancer and choreographer Katie Duck has been making performance since the early 1970’s. She is a seminal figure of the international dance and improvisational performance scene, inspiring generations of performance makers. Her continuing collaborations with world-class musicians form a central part of her working approach. She is a true original and a maverick who has carved out her own unique and uncompromising path in the dance world throughout a 40 year career.

“Duck’s sturdy purposefulness makes even her most arbitrary actions seem part of a life-and-death odyssey” Judith Mackrell The Guardian

“Katie Duck is the Zorba the Greek of improvisation: earthy, feeling every mode of sensuality, preposterous, irresistible, polymorphously perverse. Watching her dance is like watching her body think.” Dance Magazine. New York