Month: November 2011

Movement 12 Landing Party

Movement 12 are having a party to celebrate 3 years of their programme. There will be live performance and film excerpts from Theo Clinkard, Rahel Vonmoos and Charlie Morrissey, Detta Howe, Virginia Farman, CiCi Blumstein, Charlotte Spencer, Andy Wood and others. All at the Basement on 14th December at 7pm. Contact Rob Hopper on…
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The Free Association – Theo Clinkard

Charlie is participating in a two-week research project directed by Theo Clinkard at Greenwich Dance Agency. Theo is researching choreographic ideas for a new work with a group of dancers including Charlie Morrissey,┬áMaho Ihara from Japan, Margarita Zafrilla Olayo from Spain, Helka┬áKaski from Finland, Adam Blanch from Australia and Francis Christeller from New Zealand. Theo…
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